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Actors Choice Award Winner 2017  Winning Monologue
The Importance of Being Earnest

Cecily Valley of the Rocks Pleasuredome Theatre Company Director: Scott Le Crass

Where's Your Mama Gone?

Carol New End Theatre Director: Bernie C Byrnes

Twelfth Night

Maria / Sebastian Oxford Shakespeare Company Director: Nick Green Musical Director: Nick Lloyd Webber


Lady Macduff Macbeth Pleasuredome Theatre Company Director: Scott Le Crass

Marie Fortune

Anonymosity Feature Film Makovision Films

The Enlightenment Cafe

Tommy The Vaults Las Theatre Director: Barra Collins

Malcolm Macbeth Director: Scott LeCrass

Caspero Feature Film

Elizabeth (Lead) Feature Film Hollow Crown Films Director: Alexander DeMarco

Don't Leave Me Now New End Theatre Beyond Director: Jeni Draper

Missing Girl, Gone. Maple Road Films Director: Frankie Meredith

"A Very Sexy Malcolm" Macbeth ANGUS SCOTT *****


"Marie Fortune is outstanding as Carol!" UK THEATRE NETWORK


"Equally stunning was Marie Fortune's Helena - She was Powerful!" PORTSMOUTH POST


"The Rippers wife played with arresting venom by Marie Fortune, behind her anger is clearly a great deal of pain" CULTURE VULTURE


“Marie Fortune in particular deserves an increased pay out for her various characterisations of great warmth alongside an impressive back catalogue of comic voices.” THE STAGE 

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